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Default Salah Memegang Burung Kenari Bisa Berakibat Fatal

Thus, if we hold small birds (canaries, rock thrush, red anise and so on) we try to hold on the top of the bird and palms in the back of the bird, while two fingers (index and middle) flanking the neck, not as if we are holding munthu (mortar pair pestle) but the clip middle finger and index finger like a general or the majority of people were holding a cigarette.

As for the types of large birds (parrots, owls, eagles, etc.) suggested holding the hands of the head with a door (if a bird beak or sharp leg, could use a towel or paper towel). while the other hand holds the leg. As for the wings, we could enlist the help of other friends.

If you choose gloves to hold the birds should not be using are made from leather or thick plastic. Moreover, captured him suddenly, birds may panic and stress. In addition, using thick gloves, the hands will lose sensitivity and consequently may be too strong grip that can cause sudden death in birds (such as choke).

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