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Default Mengapa Burung Kenari Sering Memekarkan Ekornya?

However, in some kind of other birds that do not have these habits, split tail instead marker when he was having problems related to their health condition. One is walnut. Therefore, we must be vigilant if walnuts are often split tail, not to mention other clinical symptoms: look weak!
Canary healthy condition will always shut tail feathers. Healthy walnuts rarely develop its tail, either when on the move or perch (except when flying). Well, when viewed walnut always showed such behavior, it should be wary that he was experiencing health problems.

To find out what happened on your walnuts, actions that can be done is catch it carefully, then listen to his breathing. If breath sounds walnut weight (breathing while making the sound), are likely to experience respiratory problems.

Link: kenari memekarkan ekornya
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