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Default Tips Menjodohkan Burung Murai Batu Dengan Cepat

Matching Murai Batu tricky. If we are not careful or do not understand, we can experience the death sires. For candidates coming from captive breeders usually not too difficult, because they tend to be more benign than bird catches the forest. But it can not also be considered a hundred percent correct. Everything is influenced by many factors as well. Environmental conditions and treatment patterns also have an important role in the success of the pairing process.

We take an example, suppose there are potential sires have to be maintained in a cage for five years. Males like this when paired with females, yet setabil emotions, because it was too long did not hear or see the female. If we are too quick fix her up is not impossible even attacked the female and can cause death. And constraints such as these often encountered to Friend Ronggolawers who want to raise livestock. Based on the experience Ronggolawers friend who has been successful in menangkarkan Murai Batu, there are simple steps that we can emulate.

The First Step
During the pairing process, give Ebod Breeding indeed been made through the process of testing is quite long and proven reliable. Breeding Ebod vitamins contain elements that point to maintain the level of emotional stability or lust for males and females. Give water to drink regularly and pay attention to how their use contained in the packaging box Ebod Breeding.

Step Into Two
Keep breeding male and female in one room without kerodong, day or night. Pay attention to the temperature of the room, if too cold when it rains should both breeding cage dikerodong. This must be done to speed up the process of recognition and pairing.

Link: cara menjodohkan murai batu
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