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Default Ciri Ciri Burung Murai Batu Nias

It was time we want to share info, still on the stone humming bird is a bird endemic to several regions in Indonesia. Murai stone is being trending parallel to the trend of distributed canaries, where hobbyists and breeders begin to look for business opportunities of the 'long tail'. Various types of stone magpie began to be understood by the hobbyist, one of which recently started loved because some of the highlights is the king of the black-tailed rock thrush aka nias which is endemic magpie mascot who became one of the native birds chirping Nias island began to be aligned with birds Beo Nias its existence begun rare.

Among other types of magpie robin, Murai Nias King quickly captured the hearts of birds chirping enthusiast who is eager to race birds for cultivation and kicaunya. Moreover, Murai Nias known to have a higher IQ so nice tangkapnya power and is known to have better mental, hobbyist what is not interested in the advantages of trying. Moreover Murai Murai Nias start aligned with the field in popularity in the eyes of the hobbyist magpie is in the top position.

Link: murai batu nias
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