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Default Tips Terbaik Merawat Burung Murai Batu

magpie stones good quality and the winner can not be separated from the correct treatment as well. No stone magpie good if not properly maintained wood, because stone magpie just born champion of treatment. Even if you buy ready-made stone magpie (already champion) but if you do not take good care of the quality is definitely going downhill. The key is in treatment, namely the proper care and consistently.

Basically, the daily rock thrush treatment does not differ much with the chirping of birds such as green cucak, just might differ in terms of feed and current penjemurannya. For those of you who have not read the article about the daily maintenance of green cucak, please read here. Murai stone that has the character of this fighter is one of the mascots of birds chirping, then the price of stone magpie was already very expensive though new feeder / puppies. If you you have a magpie stone in the house, then well see the following article.

Link: cara merawat murai batu
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