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Default Tips Membuat Burung Murai Batu Menjadi Gacor

Here I will try to write a little about how tips and how to care for Murai Batu so diligently Twitter (gacor).

Basically what I'm going to say this is not much different from the other writers on the procedure on how to care for and memproes Murai Batu in order to quickly sound and diligent bericau. But earlier, if the bird is still giras first bird must tame and how to keep humming bird quickly tame stone can be found here please.

Here are tips and simple ways of caring Murai Batu order cepet sound and diligent (gacor):

The first starts of the ways sex selection because usually that diligent bird chirping is the male sex, and most of the bird hobbyist already know the characteristics of the difference between males and females.

Furthermore, the bird bath every morning with a way to use spray or a spray can also use the bath in order to more freely cages all we can clean the cage.

Clean the cage every day including birds pooping, change or add food, change water and try to give the birds drinking water with water that has been cooked or it could be with bottled water or mineral water.

Link: agar murai batu gacor
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