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Default Cara Membuat Sangkar Burung Murai Batu

Wrapped with a beautiful physique and charming chirping, humming stones can hypnotize anyone who sees it. In the market, the price of this bird can reach tens of millions of dollars. In addition to its charm, the cause of the high value of the rock thrush is due to the increasing scarcity of these habitats in the wild.

Indonesia is known to have many kinds of birds called latin Copychus this malabaricus. Depending on the type of habitat or where the discovery of this bird. Call it aceh stone magpie, magpie field stone, stone nias magpie, magpie grave stone, stone lampung magpie, magpie stone Kalimantan (Borneo), and Java rock thrush (larwo).

Recent breeding effort magpie lively rock back. Of course one reason is the economic value that is tempting. Moreover, if the stone had been poor across magpie won various competitions. Even so, menangkar magpie stone is not easy. Many things need to be considered in order to generate a humming quality stone. One of them is the manufacture of cages, because this is where the breeder prove diligence in maintaining and caring for the rock thrush.

Link: kandang murai batu
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