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Default Cara Beternak Burung Murai Batu Bagi Pemula

First of all please note, that the main key is how to equalize the bird menangkarkan birahi time between males and females. Lots of prospective breeders who are desperate because already two-three even maybe six years tangkarannya birds never want bertelor, or if bertelor not contain the male sperm (empty), or if telornya contents, will not hatch / nest dieker-eker again (egg fall, shattered) and so on. Bottom line: the birds are bred never produce.
The primary cause of all that is past the lust between males and females do not coincide. Keep in mind, the bird experienced a period of estrus females regularly each month (always coming fertile period each month), while for males not necessarily come as a female. One time, it could be lust males, but females did not fit, and vice versa.
Sign lust is an aggressive bird, the sound constantly, and always move swiftly here and there. Because of the aggressive, he often chase other birds (males chase-chase females and vice versa). If the period of estrus males and females are not the same, then it causes a variety of things.
First, an empty egg. It is caused not marry females males, females during breeding age. Even if the females incubate, so it's useless, it will not hatch.

Second, the nest / egg mess. This is because the future of lust came too fast. Had females were incubate and lust come, or did the opposite, namely lust males when females incubate, we can be sure it's in heat churning nest. Indeed, he did not intend to damage the eggs or nests, but that's the nature of birds as lust, he tried to construct a nest. Well because the birds had a habit of nesting in the same place, well you can imagine the consequences: he ransacked the nest that was there telornya no matter the eggs of their own.
Third, males and females do not get along. When the time comes when a male of female lust "cool and calm" only, then certainly the female chase the male. Because no heat, the male continues to dodge and at the same time the female "temper" and constantly pursue. If the stud good mentality, he would strike back female is not with the intention of serving hungry for the female sex, but actually reply to peck-peck the female, and both

Link: ternak murai batu
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