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Default Perbedaan Lovebird Jantan dan Betina

Cuman this time I want to share something that I thought. after a while I noticed for finding out how an easy way to distinguish the sex of lovebird.

Having noticed several pairs lovebid of its own that I have to collect pairs lovebird photo I found one characteristic that almost could be found on-many lovebird. But I emphasize again that the traits that I have provided these are not definite. it's just that most can be determined with the characteristics that I give this.

Initially I was just a fad just look at the character of the bird lovebird interesting. after a while I noticed my lovebird lovebird male birds turned out to have different characteristics than females. This characteristic I realized when I see it folds its wings. for lovebird male has a characteristic wing ends meet until the cross. whereas for lovebird betinya not. even the distance between the two ends of the wings of the female lovebird distance apart. and after I noticed it turns out all lovebird I have had characteristics as above. sayapun eventually try to collect lovebird images from the internet. and it turns out most of the pictures that I can have the same features as I described above.

Kalok understand less the same explanation I gave above could see themselves from some of the photos I've collected lovebird this.

Link: cara membedakan lovebird jantan dan betina
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