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Default Tips Mudah Beternak Burung Lovebird

Lovebird breeding birds in 2000 to early 2011 has become one sideline very promising, but since the number of farmers lovebird lately increasingly memblundak certainly very mempengaruri sale value of these birds.
Is it still going to raise ???
always do not worry about trying to raise because I will share ways to raise produce chicks that many well as low cost and certainly everyone is able to raise the most bird species in love this person.

Choosing Lovebird breeders ready to mate

****First we must know that we will lovebird species of cattle and bird species love that I recommend and much in demand the market is kind of glasses or valve

Livestock way Lovebird By Easy

Age and color and tail length greatly affect the efficiency of livestock lovebird in order to quickly produce a seedling.


******Females distinguish males with the most effective laboratory testing, but do not worry because the love bird male always stand upright and tail ends slightly tapered shape, when touched somewhat stiffer than betina.pilih males who often sounds, and always attracts attention.


*****The characteristics of the female body is more rounded and stood like hold weight (not as straight males) and not too much bertingkah.ekor ujungnnya like messing about or melebar.pilih females by age, if the 1-year-old males then females age 10 months, this way more easy to set her up.

Link: ternak lovebird
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