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Default Cara Membuat Sangkar Burung Lovebird

Lovebird Bird cultivation is one type of ornamental birds are quite a lot of fans in Indonesia. Many are interested to livestock because birds love bird love bird has a very promising business opportunities. Love bird merupakanburung small size, between 13 to 17 cm with a weight of 60 grams 40hingga, and these birds are social. Umummempunyai love birds in the high 13 to 17 cm and a weight of about 40 to 60 grams, and the short-tailed beaked bird is a bird of the nine species of the genus Agapornis (from the Greek word "agape" which means "love" and "ornis" which shall mean "bird"). They named love bird as seen from the behavior lakumereka generally likes to sit close together and salingmenyayangi. The following reviews more about How to Farming and Aquaculture Lovebird Maximum Results.

Link: kandang lovebird
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