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Default Tips Membedakan Kelamin Anis Merah Jantan dan Betina

bird red anise is one of the species of birds chirping are quite popular in ear chirping mania, especially in Indonesia. Red anise has other names such as red or punglor also called punglor worms. The scientific name of the red anis itself is Turdus citrinus first ordained by John Latham. Red anise spread in most of continental Asia, including Indonesia and manalysia. Red anise in Indonesia can be divided into two races: race Zoothera citrina gibsonhilli and Zoothera citrina innotata. But do you know what are the characteristics of the male bird red anise and Bertina? How do I distinguish the red anis male and female?

Red anise belonging to the chirping of birds that are difficult to distinguish gender. For that much wrong guess when choosing red anise male and female, both as adults and puppies / feeder. But according to the chirping experience mania, if red anise grown, the level of difficulty for membedakak males and females is more difficult. Yes, because it is easier to distinguish red anise still puppies or trotolan. On this occasion we will share information and tips regarding the characteristics of bird red anise male and female.

The information is based on our experience, and if you want to add / strengthening please later commented. Immediately, my friend, here are the characteristics of bird red anise male and female

Link: cara membedakan anis merah jantan dan betina
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