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Default Perbedaan Anis Kembang Jantan dan Betina

Tips Differentiating Male and Female Flower Anis seen in general characteristic that is often used is the shape and structure of the eye and eyelids, in contrast to the hair, how to stand and how ngeriwiknya.
Anis Flower for males, generally eyed prominent. Male, flat. If a firmer coat color contrast, more shiny, believed to be a male. Male ass anise flower, also seen no fur black or gray squiggly patterns resemble clouds.
Anise flower to the female, just ass-colored coat color, namely white and can be bright, be cloudy. But the coat color distinguishes this kind can not be applied to select anise flower still trotolan. For trotolan anise flower, then if ngeriwiknya with open beak, believed to be a male. If only ballooned-gelembungkan neck, though loud, believed to be female.
Anise flower male, judging from the way or style of the establishment tends to tighten the legs and the females slightly stretched and slightly bowed. For anise flower male bird that has lust, when brought near by the female bird will menanduk2 anise flower, with a body style menyenduk2. While females are already lust, if brought near or hear the males sing, will dodder-getarkan or opening and closing the wing constantly.

Link: anis kembang jantan
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