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Default Tips Perawatan Untuk Burung Anis Kembang

After each paired male and female signs are usually a sign of male birds will play its food by bringing carry food in its beak (dicapit) by trying to call the female to want to be spoon-fed besides other marks are sleeping, closely spaced or rendengan. If all that we've seen, it's time we give the opportunity for birds to bathe together in cages bath. during a shower that can we consider the behavior of both the bird, if the fights immediately separate and begin to repeat the pairing process from start back.

If after a few days the birds taking a shower together and look along, now is the time to enter it into the cage both sires penangkarannya. can be tested using extensive daily cage while placing a nest that can be made of woven rattan / bamboo or coconut shells.

Do not forget to put the ingredients to make a nest like coconut fiber, pineapple fiber, straw and dried pine needles.

if birds are seen along and look busy male birds make nests while looking to woo females and tried to feed it in this process can be continued to keep using the daily cage as the cage penangkarannya or move it to a permanent breeding cage.

Link: perawatan anis kembang
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