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Default Tips Mengatasi Burung Cendet Salto

If you cendetmania, must know that cendet is the chirping of birds that can do the salto though in a narrow cage. Cendet has advantages in motion acrobatics (salto) other than the chirping of birds. Habits cendet / pentet who likes this flap could backfire for us cendet owners. Cendet flap could become a habit hard to break. Excessive salto can make cendet stop chirping and no gacor again. Then how do I overcome cendet salto? Before that we have to know first what the cause cendet salto. And we will mendisukusikannya together.

How to cope with cendet salto? The question was often expressed by pal cendetmania. We know that cendet who liked salto can be caused by over lust (OB). OB cendet conditions which will make cendet stress and tend to behave strangely, for example somersault and do not want to sing. Not to mention his own pluck feathers and many more. For those of you who want to know fully about how to overcome the OB cendet, please read here. Now specifically to address cendet salto, we collect some tips and experiences from the cendetmania. The aim is that you no longer cendet somersault and singing by standing straight. Let us consider the following tips.

Link: cendet salto
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