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Default Tips Merawat Burung Cendet

Cendet are paddy birds that can imitate sounds of other species of birds. Therefore Cendet dubbed paddy intelligent bird. Unique voice is less good when heard, but if he had dimaster with the sounds of other birds singing voice will be more beautiful and catchy. Master is good for bird cendet are: cucak beard, love bird, Cililin, grasshoppers, sparrows ('m fighting), branjangan, ciblek, walnuts and starlings uret. Cendet If your pet has all kinds of sounds of birds are the living how to master mental training course that does not drop when it is in the arena of race or contest the birds chirping. The way that winning mentality cendet bird gacor / twitter
The main menu cendet bird feed is crickets. Besides crickets other extrafooding also be given such as: Kroto and caterpillars hongkong. Voer given should have protein and good nutrition. Brands not be any problem. How to care for the birds cendet are depleted lost the race
Adjustment of feed intake for birds Cendet: means that the birds were lost fighting back cendet twitter
Voer (you should select a yield protein were as follows: 12% -18%, not necessarily expensive precious Voer will match each bird Cendet metabolic system. Voer must always be available within the cepuknya. Voer Always replace with a new one every two days. How cendet bird mental training in order to champion gajor
EF (Extra Fooding), additional food is excellent for bird Cendet namely: Crickets, Orong-orong, Kroto, worms, caterpillars Hongkong, bamboo caterpillars, centipedes, grasshoppers and others. Giving EF must always be adapted to the character of each bird and also need to know with certainty the impact of a clause granting the EF. Way

Link: cara merawat cendet
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