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Default Mengenal Burung Ciblek Gunung

Ciblek mountain or often called cigun a bird species ciblek which has a nice tone as well as many variations, other advantages are more calm / nagen when nampil above gantangan, sound Ciblek Mount generally rely gunshots with speed meetings, so in addition to good used for bird contest, ciblek mountain nice also serve as master of birds.

According to some Ciblek Mania, Voice Ciblek Mount 3 X much harder than birds Ciblek others, has Variations songs more, fighting style calm and ngerol long to the point that we never know when he took a breath, is one of the factors Ciblek Mount always dominate in various competitions, but did not rule out another type ciblek can compete, according Mr.Rosid (CMJ).

Ciblek called Mount because it generally has a type of bird habitats in mountainous areas, mountain Ciblek differences with other Ciblek bird is visible in terms of posture, brown or white coat color and blirik along his body and his voice.

Link: ciblek gunung
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