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Default Cirinya Burung Ciblek Kalung

Ciblek which is a kind of tribal Cisticolidae warbler (the books still put in tribal Sylviidae). Idioms in English is known as a bar bird-winged Prinia, referring to the two white stripes on each wing. Familiaris scientific name is Prinia Horsfield, 1821 (source:

Bird crowded and lively, which is often found in open areas or a bush in the garden, the yard, the edge of the fields, secondary forest, up to the mangrove jungle. Also frequently observed in the tea plantations. Two or three tails, or more, often seem chasing momentary track food among the bushes, while loud creaking noise cwuit-cwuit-cwuit .. Ciblek-ciblek-ciblek-ciblek ..! Thick tail that is not driven upward chirp time.

Track prey in the form of various insects and caterpillars, perenjak Java hunt starts from the ground to the canopy of trees. This bird makes its nest in the grass or shrubs to a height of approximately 1.5 m above ground.

Link: ciblek kalung
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