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Default Inilah Burung Ciblek Putih

Want to know how to make a bird ciblek gacor so fast? The key is in the care and mental of the bird itself. As we know, ciblek divided into two types, namely ciblek white chest and chest ciblek yellowish white. Of the two types of ciblek it has differences. Bird ciblek white chest for example, when it lost a fight usually this bird could be longer recovery compared with birds ciblek yellow or yellowish-white chest.

Ciblek or Latin language Famillia Prinia is a small bird that used to fly in our house perkarangan circa 80 - 90s. The distinctive sound of birds chirping mania favored by some in Indonesia that made it popular, but unfortunately, these birds gradually begin not often seen anymore in the wild. Arrests were too excessive so causing the disappearance of birds ciblek in the yard or in the gardens.

Link: ciblek putih
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