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Default Sangkar Untuk Burung Ciblek

is there any of you who have or are menangkar / breeding bird in a cage ciblek daily? Granted this is not a brilliant idea, or even to say this is an idea that does not make sense. Ideally, menangkar bird cage ciblek must with spacious, comfortable, and of course proportional. Hmmm, whatever your assessment that there must be ciblek mania who do that, namely menangkar ciblek bird in a cage daily. Not that the daily cage you can not menangkar ciblek, because real evidence already exists.

On this occasion we will only inform about the basic techniques, as is generally the same as maintaining regular ciblek. Which clearly distinguish male and female is ciblek placed in a cage in order ciblek reproduce, produce eggs, and hatches. But before further discussing how menangkar ciblek in the cage daily, let us read another article about ciblek following:

Link: sangkar ciblek
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