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Default Beragam Jenis Burung Ciblek

Ciblek bird with a small body posture that has a distinctive sound ogled by many lovers of good birds chirping was maintained for masteran or to be included in the race of birds chirping. Ciblek chosen because it has a melodious voice and select a tone that continues repeatedly within a long time.

To contest the birds chirping, ciblek often won the contest for good quality voice volume large, hard, sharp, fast and thick. To know the type of ciblek mainstay chirping mania, here are 3 types ciblek which often appear in the contest of birds chirping.

1. Ciblek Pari or Ciblek Rice
Ciblek types ciblek pari (ciblek fields) to have a long tail as a trademark. Besides the arrangement of fur color tends to white, especially on the chest, but still highlight the brown color around your back and a little tail section. When it comes to sound, the sound of birds ciblek it can only be in one direction only, cit..cit ... ciiiitttt ... therefore ciblek rays or rice ciblek classified as a type ciblek quite difficult in the master, if can require a lot of time, but ciblek rice quite often appear in various contests songbird.

Link: jenis ciblek
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