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Default Burung Lovebird Pastel Warna Kuning

Definition of pastel in color means: soft or muted. Well now understanding the lovebird colors mean you know what? Pastel on lovebird shows that there are still about 50 percent of black eumelanin in the feathers lovebird page. This causes the colors look faded / pale. Blue to light blue, gray and black to green to yellowish green. Overall the body color becomes paler, flying wing looks gray and even white light. Red and yellow colors are not affected because it is not produced by pigment cells. Usually paskun generated from the pair paskun itself, it is easier, even from sires lutino can, or tillers paskun vs pasjo, or sires pasjo both green standard, genes are very strong, even if we Match the blue to the green standard, 80 % anakannya stndard green. To give birth to puppies lutino there should be blood lutinonya, not just match the same paskun paskun out lutino

Link: lovebird pastel kuning
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