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Default Mengenal Burung Lovebird Olive

Differences between Non-lovebird glasses and sunglasses are as follows:
1.Dilihat of Love Bird Eye itself
outskirts eye glasses if there is a thick white line circling the eyes lovebird, while non-glasses kalu Only thin lines or even invisible altogether.

2.Dilihat of Posture
This is the difference between the two underlying difference lovebird and Non Glasses Glasses. Love Bird glasses, the average bodynya smaller and slimmer. Non Glasses compared with the average flat rather large and meaty.

3. Judging from laying score score / Birahi
For the Love Bird Glasses usually average lust and spawn at the age 8bulan up to 1 year, while the Love Bird Non Glasses lust usually faster. Usually at the age of sekitar7 Month Love Bird has started mating and preparing to spawn
4. Judging from Sound Ramblings
Bird ove bnyak non sunglasses favored by enthusiasts Love Bird because of his voice that the average length and gacor, is different from the Love Bird glasses are only a few kinds of color who have a long chatter.

Link: lovebird olive
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