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Default Ciri Ciri Burung Lovebird Lutino

Many mistaken in lovebird bird mention, for example, the difference between lutino lovebird. Some call lutino "clean", lutino "dirty", lutino "black eye" and so on based display eyes and fur. In fact, most likely in question is equally lutino but different sub-species and others likely are lovebird yellow (yellow) of Agapornis personata group.
Lovebird lutino itself is different between the appearance of a group of birds lovebird Agapornis Agapornis fischeri and lilianae.

For more details, here is my lower gallery of 45 images of birds lovebird Agapornis personata group, lilianae Agapornis, Agapornis fischeri, Agapornis nigrigenis, Agapornis pullaria, agapronis Taranta, and Agapornis cana.

Link: lovebird lutino
Budidaya Kenari
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