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Default Ciri Umum Burung Lovebird Albino

One appeal lovebird is because of its beautiful colors. Therefore, the breeding is usually planned a breeding lovebird lovebird with a certain color pattern. It is indeed possible and many have successfully bred lovebird with certain colors. Usually the rare colors that will make the price lovebird becomes very high.

In planning lovebird plumage in the breeding can not be separated from genetic law. In general, as mentioned in the book titled Paijo lovebird, have known that from the mated pairs, the nature of the children 50% mimic the female parent and 50% mimics the male parent. In other words, the nature of the child is a mix half and half nature male parent female parent properties. The properties are derived is still influenced by the nature of recessive and dominant traits possessed by a mated pair.

Link: lovebird albino
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