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Default Membedakan Burung Kacer Trotolan Jantan dan Betina

But the problem is how to identify the gender (sexing) kacer trotolan, because males and females in that age have a similar appearance. The following quick tips may help you in differentiating the sexes kacer trotolan.

During this time, the birds kacer that are sought are male sex, because the sound of the booms are more varied and more sonorous than the females, even though kacer females also have capabilities similar to the male birds.

In addition to almost the same appearance, character and sound kacer trotolan males and females when famine also has some similarities.

However, after the birds moult, and the change of feathers into feather trotolan adults, it is not difficult to distinguish where the male and which female. The problem is, we're looking for kacer trotolan right?

Link: kacer jantan
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