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Default Berbagai Macam JenisBurung Kacer

When it comes to bird problems kacer, always synonymous with kacer Kalimantan and kacer teapot, because both types of birds such kacer both have advantages and disadvantages of each, why is that? Consider the following narrative:

According to H. Hendra bird lovers from Samarinda and Madura, birds kacer teapot or Chest White (Daput) is better when compared to kacer Borneo or kacer Dada Black in terms of singing. Based on experience and observation admin, what was said H. Hendra is not always true, because the Dada Black kacer Borneo or voice louder and sharper than White Chest or teapot.

Although a teapot over gacor in speaking, but his voice was not loud alias thin in terms of the shot. But here we do not discuss the differences between the Borneo and kacer kacer teapot, because they both have advantages in terms of singing. The important thing is how we take care of pets kacer involved become better and ready competed in various competitions that exist.

Link: jenis kacer
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