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Semau island



Semau Island can be reached about thirty minutes by boat from Kupang. This untainted island paradise is well worth a visit. The surrounding crystal-clear waters offer exceptional sites for swimming and snorkelling. Bamboo bungalows on white sandy beaches are availble for rent, and you can enjoy dinner of barbequed fish fresh from the sea while enjoying a spectacular sunset.

Semau Island has a length of about 45 kilometers (km) and width of 5-6 km. The island consists of two sub-districts, namely sub Semau and South Semau.

The island is inhabited by two tribes, Helong and Rote . Semau Island is one of the big seaweed in Kupang. Uiasa Beach and Otan Beach is a beach that has the potential to be developed into tourist.

Several locations around the Semau Island also have coral reef ecosystems are still in good condition, among others in the Hansisi village and Tanjung Lalaka is an area where both diving and snorkeling or just swimming
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