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Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Tanjung Tinggi is a beach in the wedge by two peninsulas. Tanjung Tinggi, which is approximately 2 km from the Tanjung Kelayang Beach, is a beach that can give birth to a “mystery”. Visitors region as though it were filled with fantasy. The beach is shaped inlet approximately 100 m long, clean white sand with scattered granite boulders which are arranged beautifully. At the end of the east, there are piles of rocks that one loophole form a “tunnel” that can be passed. The air in the rock hall is very cool, air-conditioned room felt. Across the coast was also established “The Villa Lor in Tanjung Tinggi” with complete facilities, which is the embryo of the largest resorts in the islands of Bangka Belitung.

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