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Default Re: Passive Income via Website

Originally Posted by admin View Post
kalau PR2 pasti itu istilah google page rank .... kan antara 0 - 10
Google PageRank is not dead to Googlers, but it is dead to us. In all, I’m glad. Less spammy emails, fewer cheaters, and less confusion from the name “PageRank”. Fellow SEO professionals know what I mean by “confusion”. We have to constantly explain to clients the difference between PageRank, and your page’s ranking in search engines. It just got annoying. But it is ironic. Larry’s last name is “Page”, hence the term “PageRank”. I really hope you knew that.

sebenarnya Page Rank itu tidak mati. Masih ada dan tetap dijadikan patokan eksistensi sebuah situs. PageRank tak dipublish umum/publik. Bisa baca selengkapnya DISINI

mengenai alexa tadi

Pagerank juga diberlakukan di alexa tapi sebenarnya namanya bukan pagerank (karena pagerank itu diperkenalkan oleh google) tapi Alexa Rank cuman sebagian besar netter menyebutnya juga page rank atau PR
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