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Klepon is Indonesia traditional food made from glutinous rice shaped into small balls. Klepon stuffed with palm sugar and topping with grated coconut. When you bite you will feel the sensation of the sweetness of palm sugar.
Usually klepon has a green color comes from suji leaf or pandan leaf. When Ramadhan comes, Klepon often found in traditional markets. This traditional food more delicious eaten as a snack fit in the morning or afternoon. If there mochi in Japan, then there klepon in Indonesia with special taste of palm sugar. Klepon, sweet glutinous rice ball from Indonesia.


Bakpia is traditional food from Yogyakarta, but in other places in Indonesia called Pia. Bakpia is a traditional cuisine that made from a mixture of green beans and sugar wrapped in a flour dough and then baked. Bakpia actually is not really original from Yogyakarta, but Bakpia is from China. In China, Bakpia real name is Tou Luk Pia, which means cake with meat contents. That's what makes bakpia from Yogyakarta have different taste with Tou Luk Pia from China. Bakpia have sweet taste like many other Yogyakarta traditional cuisine. In 1948 Bakpia began produced in the Pathuk Village, Yogyakarta.

Now many brands that sell bakpia spread all over the city of Yogyakarta. As the growing of bakpia industry, this cuisine have a variety of flavor like chocolate, pineapple, cheese, durian.
Many tourist who come to Yogyakarta, buy this traditional food as a souvenir. Bakpia feels more delicious when eaten while drinking a cup of bitter hot tea.


ehu is Indonesian food which are often found around Bandung, West Java. Gehu term itself comes from the word "taoge"(bean sprouts) and "tahu" (tofu). Tofu and bean sprouts are the main ingredients to make gehu.
People usually eat gehu with green chili but gehu also delicious eaten with chilli sauce or tomato sauce. Gehu usually sold together with other gorengan (fried foods) such as bala bala, fried bananas, cireng, fried tempe, comro.
So if you travel to Bandung don't forget to taste gehu and other gorengan to fill your stomach and to relieve thirst you can buy bajigur or bandrek.


If you ever traveling to Yogyakarta, you must familiar with this traditional cuisine. Gudeg is a traditional food from Yogyakarta and Central Java, Indonesia. Gudeg is made from young Nangka (jackfruit) and cooked with coconut milk, bay leaves, palm sugar, teak leaves and other spices like garlic, shallot. Teak leaves (daun jati) that makes gudeg coloured brown. It took a few hours to cook this traditional food. Like most other Yogyakarta traditional food, gudeg has a sweet taste. Gudeg usually eaten with other foods such as coconut milk sauce (areh) , sambal goreng krecek (this dish taste spicy), tofu, chicken, boiled egg and not tasty eat gudeg without white rice.
Gudeg have various types, there are three types of gudeg. Dry Gudeg, Wet Gudeg and Gudeg Solo. Solo is a city near Yogyakarta. To give more traditional impression gudeg is usually served on banana leaf.
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