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Indonesian Food - Bakso - Bakso or baso or meatball is a food, commonly made from ground meat blended with other ingredients. rolled into balls (small and sometimes bigger) and then to be cooked. Generally bakso are cooked by stewing, but can also by baking, frying, or steaming. Unlike sausage, making bakso is without process of curing, casing and smoking.

Generally the term bakso is followed by the type of basic ingredient (meat), such as bakso ikan (fish bakso/meatball), bakso ayam (chicken bakso/meatball) or bakso sapi (beef bakso/meatball). Based on main ingredients, particularly on types of the meat and the quantity of flour, bakso is divided into 3 types, bakso daging (common meatball), bakso urat (muscle meatball), and bakso aci (flour meatball). Bakso Daging or common meatball is bakso made from (muscle-less) meat, such as chuck and silverside/outside, with less adding flour than meat. Bakso Urat or muscle meatball is bakso made from muscle or meat that has a lot of connective tissue, such as rib. Bakso urat contains less flour than meat. Bakso Aci or flour meatball is bakso made by adding much more flour than meat.
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