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Default Cara membuat nasi goreng dalam bahasa inggris

Today aim going to write about cara membuat nasi goreng dalam bahasa inggris. Do you know that nasi goreng is one of the most poplar food in Indonesia. Now if you want to make nasi goreng, I am going to share nasi goreng recipe. This easy recipe is a great recipe so that you can make your own nasi goreng at home

An eggs
3 green onions, chopped
3 tbs ketchup
3 tbs water
A plate of cold cooked rice
2-3 tbs vegetable oil
4-5 tbs cooked shrimp
The Instructions are:
First, blend egg and water.
Second, heat oil in a hot skillet over medium heat.
Third, add green onions. Stir and fry it for around 30 seconds.
After that, add the mixtured egg, scramble it!
Next, pour the rice and stir it gently separating grains.
Add cooked shrimp and ketchup.
Cook stirring until thoroughly heated.
Finally, your special shrimp fried ice is ready. You may add tomato and cucumber as garnish. Happy cooking!

That is my first recipe sharing about resep nasi goreng bahasa inggris. Thank you for reading
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