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Originally Posted by admin View Post
Even if ASEAN unites, It would still difficult to match againts China economically and in militer. That's why now US is trying to nurture relationships with almost all ASEAN countries, while start building base in Oz

What ASEAN should do is to unite and to take distance againts both China and USA. ASEAN is a ground for China vs USA whether you realize it or not
so true min, but IMO i believe that ASEAN can be one of the biggest economical region. its true, we have Indonesia, Thailand, Philipine, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the other country who "growing above average" in the world.

geeeee its so "fun" to see China and USA "playing world political and economical softly" its true, because USA aware about the power of china.

Originally Posted by totongmeong View Post
asean closed eyes when there is Rohingya Tragedi ???
no.. no.. Asean sudah melakukan upaya terbaik, termasuk berkoordinasi dengan OKI tentang masalah itu, namun masalah di Myanmar itu terkait isu sensitif dari myanmar itu yang sebenarnya sangat komples, masalah dengan etnis disana bukan hanya rohingnya, tetapi dengan etnis lainnya. hal ini juga berkaitan dengan prinsip umum kedauatan negara par in parem non habet imperium yang berarti suatu negara berdaulat dilarang mencampuri urusan "dalam negeri" negara berdaulat lainnya.
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