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Nasi Kucing

Rice cat (or in a language known as Java "sega cat") is not a menu but rather a presentation on how to wrap a lot of rice found in the stalls Angkringan. Called "rice cat" as presented in the portion of the (very) few, like the menu to feed a cat. Nasi kucing rames rice is of the same shape, with a diverse menu: tempe dry, teri goreng, sambal goreng, tripe, milk, gut, head or Paw sate chicken and egg puyuh, the more favors if you burned briefly before first presented.

Rice that can be presented in the form of rice and ordinary rice tasty (rice Uduk) and in the portion of the little side dish is given a pirate sambal (chilli fried first), and a small piece pindang milkfish fry. If accompanied eat drink warm ginger-based (brown ginger, ginger coffee, tea and ginger) all the headaches - a cold will disappear by itself.

Rice cat known in various places in Central Java (including Yogyakarta) and is very popular among students because of the rather cheap price size bag for children kos, besides it also fit the tongue in India.
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