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Emping is a kind of snack made with the raw material (usually seeds melinjo) until smooth and then dried in the sun.
Preparation begins with the emping melinjo menyangrai melinjo, peeled and then be diluted with a similar blow from the iron.

Food is produced by many small secondary, for example, especially in the District of Batang regency Limpung, Magetan Regency, East Java, or in Bantul. Emping partly exported to the Middle East.

Emping was also from a variety of materials, provided that contain enough starch. There emping made from corn ear (by craftsmen in the area of Yogyakarta) and the Riddles of the tubers. Emping also included in the serving of porridge, gado-gado, ketoprak, and others. As a snack stand on its own emping also sold in the form of emping balado
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