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Default Major Indonesian Airports to Increase Service Charge

Major Indonesian Airports to Increase Service Charge

By ID/Inneke Lady on 1:33 pm August 23, 2013.

Four key Indonesian airports, including Ngurah Rai international airport in Bali, will soon raise their passenger service charges, an official said on Friday. Kuala Namu international airport in Medan, Sumatra, which recently added new facilities, will increases its rate by 186 percent. Three other airports have also said they are likely to raise rates.

The recently renovated Kuala Namu international airport near Medan, Sumatra, will increase its passenger service charge by 186 percent. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

“Four airports under Angkasa Pura II have already filed to raise their service charge, while three under Angkasa Pura I have not yet done so, but there is a strong chance that they will,” said Herry Bakti Singayuda Gumay, the director general for air transportation at the Ministry of Transportation. Angkasa Pura I and II are state run airport operators; I manages airports in eastern Indonesia while II handles the west of the archipelago.

“What we need make sure is that the raises are not too imbalanced,” Herry said.

The four Angkasa Pura II service charge increases will range from 43 percent to 186 percent.

Sultan Syarif Kasim II airport in Pekanbaru will raise its free from Rp 35,000 to Rp 50,000 ($3.50 – $5.00), Raja Haji Fisabilillah airport in Tanjungpinang and Depati Amir airport in Pangkalpinang will both raise their fees from Rp 25,000 to Rp 40,000 and Kuala Namu airport near Medan will increase its fee from Rp 35,000 to Rp 100,000.

The Angkasa Pura I airports in Surabaya, Denpasar and Balikapapan, which are currently undergoing renovations and expansions, will probably raise their rates soon. Handy Heruydhitiawan, corporate communication manager for Angkasa Pura I, said that the increases are still under consideration.

“We have to see it in terms of the services we provide and the development of the airports,” he said. “To maintain the consistency and comfort of our services, the passengers should give something in return.”

He said that any raise would be implemented in phases.

“We will work together with the Indonesian Consumer Foundation, and we will share our ideas with the Transportation Ministry and all other parties concerned,” he said.

He did not give further details or a time frame for potential increase.

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