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Default Presiden : Mari tingkatkan Ekonomi Domestik

President: Let’s Boost Domestic Economy

Jakarta, 18/11/2013 MoF (Fiscal) News – On Sunday (17/11), President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Silang Monas field, Jakarta conveyed that Indonesia would continue boosting domestic economy and establishing economic cooperation with other countries in order to anticipate global turmoil.

President stated that there were lessons learned from the economic crisis, which mostly hit advanced countries. “Global economic cooperation is needed as long as it brings benefits to Indonesia, specifically our economy. Yet, let’s boost our domestic economy. Let’s establish a better system and culture,” he said.

Therefore, national economic system and ethics should be improved. Especially, President underlined the importance of boosting domestic economy. “This is the thing that we should boost, so in case the global economy experiences turmoil, insyallah we’re safe,” said President.
On the other side, President considers, it is as though current global economy were integrated in a global system. “In this globalization era, it is as if the whole countries’ economy should be integrated with the global economy,” he added. In fact, according to him, if one country has economic problem, it will affect the others.

“On one side, it brings many advancements and benefits indeed. But from what we have experienced in the last few years, with integrated economy, if the economy in one or two countries are in trouble let alone plummet, it will rapidly affect the others,” he stated. (ak)

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