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Default Re: Indonesian Aviations : Airports, Airlines, Airplanes

I actually, honestly, very proud of the architecture design of the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 Soetta .. second to none in the world like it ..
Even many of my foreign colleagues are so admire and provide a very high appreciation for the uniqueness and beauty of Soetta Terminals 1 and Terminal 2. Comment that has most frequently said is: they are tired of the new airports in many countries that are similar to each other in term of the building architecture.
Regarding the Master Plan Soetta, I remain of the opinion that both the Airport Management /operator (AP 2) and the central government appears to really only do "modest" efforts. From the observation of the pictures of existing Master Plan, seems the opinion of to be that in this Soetta problems, very thick with the "money game".. is true. There are at least two peculiarities seen in the Master Plan they called "Grand Design", namely:
# 1. Why the existing Golf Course should be maintained? what's the benefit of a golf course for an airport?
# 2. Why the Terminal-3 development plans are currently underway, even trimmed apron capacity .. Previously planned 5 piers will be built, with a total of 120 aviobridges, the new design being only 2 wings on the left and right ends of the terminal building with a total of only 30s aviobridges to be assembled.
What do you think ?
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