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Default Re: Indonesian Aviations : Airports, Airlines, Airplanes

^ money and politics
plus individual who wants to be richer [MAYBE this i cannot confirm]

I will give you one information circulating on the net in regards to T3 previously.

It was Emirates who wants to fly A-380 for its DBX-CGK as the occupation rate is high. It was on the plan, and I think this plan also conveyed to Indonesia (govermnment or afficer).

T3 will be provided with double garbarata to accomodate the A-380 ...

But what happen now ..?

You see T3 is a small tiny ... LUCU airport ...
to it's even funnier ... they called it the Green Airport karena banyak kaca.

Padahal dengan banyak kaca, butuh AC yang lebih besar kapasitas nya ...
ujung2 nya boros energi ... ha ha ha
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