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Default Re: JAKARTA, Never Ending Story ( Past ~ Present ~ Future )

What About The Future of The City ?

Let's begin with the coastal region, North Jakarta

The Future (part one)

Old Maps of Batavia :

Batavia _C._de_Jonghe_(1740) by MYW_2507, on Flickr

Ville de Batavia, Capital of The Dutch East-Indies in what is now North Jakarta - circa 1780 by MYW_2507, on Flickr

Newer MAP of Batavia (1935) by MYW_2507, on Flickr

Current Maps of Jakarta :

Future Plan :

New Port of Tanjung Priuk

Port of Tanjung Priuk Expansion at Container Port Kalibaru by MYW_2507, on Flickr

credit to : KOMPAS

Credit to : BisnisIndonesia - Nurul Hidayat, post by : MYW_2507, on Flickr

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