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Default Pocong Jump!!

Nah, satu lagi games buatan Developer Games Indonesia (Digi Phoenix Studio) yang mengambil tema tidak lazim yaitu POCONG! Pocong lucu nan imut ini harus berjuang keras melompat agar sampai ke nirvana. Tapi dia butuh perjuangan keras karena ada banyak halangan menuju kesana.
Ayo diunduh! gratis kok


Help this cute, poor Pocong jump his way to the afterlife!

Itís not without any obstacle; the road to heaven is filled with nasty red ghosts trying to drag him down to hell. Collect some power ups to make Pocong do super jump and collect coins.


Just tilt your handheld slightly to the right or left to control which way Pocong jumps

Let gravity do the work, but mind the spiky ice surfaces!

Make Pocong jumps towards the floating purple octopuses (donít ask us why theyíre there) to make him do Super Jumps

Beware the nasties!


Cool and simple game play with rich colors simply designed for easy viewing.

Unlimited height on the full version of the game

More features on the game to be expected in the future!
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