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Default Learn Possibility of Vietnamese Military Hovercraft Boat

Learn Possibility of Vietnamese Military Hovercraft Boat

(Phunutoday) - Vietnam Forces Public Affairs is now equipped with modern air-cushion boats by American producers, owns many advantages Vietnam.

This boat manufactured by Neoteric Hovercraft (American) production, can be applied to the task of civil and military.

At least 2 units have been fitted to 249 Brigade (Army Public Affairs, the Vietnam People's Army) perform search and rescue missions and rescue operations and other military tasks.

Boats have composed systems: engine, lift, blower, push, and control knobs, fuel level and engine protection systems, equipment casings.

In the picture are the soldiers, officers are checking Brigade 249 2 hovercraft boat before performing training duties controls on the lake.

Boat load of about 400 kg and can be carrying around 7 people.

Propulsion systems of boats including 3 2-stroke engine output of 100 CV and has a fuel consumption of 12 liters / hour. Hoppers hold 52 liters of fuel. The fuel used is gasoline mixed with lubricant oil viscosity ratio of 1 liter / 40 liter of petrol. Power for machine operation are 2 types of 12V batteries.

The big advantage of the hovercraft boat can move on water and land. In the picture is one of two air-cushion boats are fast backward into the water.

When moving, boat hovercraft can rotate 360 degrees or move vertically, horizontally as needed.

Boats can operate continuously for 4.3 hours. Maximum speed when traveling on land at about 15km/h and the water at about 62km/h. It can move underwater in the big waves, strong winds at high speeds even on shore and in the water.

This type of boat is particularly effective in areas with shallow draft moss or unusable kind of boat propellers.

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