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Default Re: Indonesia Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries

Vessel Double Skin Bulk Carrier (DSBC) 50,000 Dead Weight Tonnage Erlyne (DWT), produced by PT PAL Indonesia is among the best ship in the world for class ship 50,000 tons dead weight. "DSBC Erlyne 50.000 DWT ship is a superior product PT PAL Indonesia. These ships use local content of 35 percent to 45 percent with high-quality ingredients. This is the type of merchant ship orders Azurite Invest Ltd, British Virgin ILand, Singapore. DSBC Erlyne 50.000 DWT ship is the ninth ship of the class ship DSBC successfully exported to several countries. Some countries that have imported boats of this type are Hong Kong (4 units), Germany (2 units), Turkey (2 units), and Singapore (1 unit).

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