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Default Cara Membedakan Burung Cendet Jantan dan Betina

Cendet is one that has a chirping bird chirping sound beautiful and were mixed. Cendet itself known by other names or Toet pentet this bird are territorial and tend fierce. It is not rare if we are to hold cendet / pentet wild, it might hand we dipatuknya. But if we maintain cendet since piyikan / puppies, then galaknya properties will be lost. Even cendet will lenjeh if they see us.

But did you know, behind the character and nature giras and fierce, cendet store captivating charm that is the voice booms. Cendet / pentet has a shrill screech sharp and singing bervariastif which includes harmonic tones. Cendet body length of about 20-25 cm, with typical end hooked beak. Kicaukan buddy, do you know how to distinguish male and female cendet? Indeed, for the beginner is quite difficult to distinguish the sex, but for those who are senior and experienced look very easy to tell the difference.

Link: perbedaan cendet jantan dan betina
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