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Lumpia Semarang

Lumpia Semarang is a kind of food rollade contain Sprout bamboo, egg, and chicken or shrimp.

Lumpia Semarang cuisine is a mix feeling of Chinese and English, as indeed is the Chinese people Semarang inventor that married people of Indonesia.

Food is sold starting in Semarang and known at the time of the party at the sports GANEFO President Soekarno government.

Semarang on these five "mainstream" lumpia Semarang with different tastes. First flow of Gang Lombok (Siem Swie kiếm), the second flow Jalan Pemuda (deceased Siem Swie Hie), and third flow Jalan Mataram (almarhumah Hwa Siem Nio). Third stream came from one family Sing-Gwan Siem Tjoa Nio Po which is a single daughter and son-creator lumpia Semarang, Tjoa Thay Yoe-Wasih.

The flow of the four former employees are a number of lumpia Street Youth, and the fifth is the flow of people with a background of culinary hobby with the making of lumpia recipe lumpia learning Outcomes that have been circulating
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