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DKI Jakarta Pembangunan Bisnis, Ekonomi dan Infrastruktur Daerah

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Default Interview with Newly Appointed Governoor of Jakarta

Today, Jakarta the capital of Indonesia innaugurates newly appointed governoor.

Below is the interview with the media, translated by google translate into English.

Tim Bisnis Indonesia
Selasa, 02 Oktober 2012 | 14:49 WIB

SOLO: Ahead of the procession inauguration as Governor of DKI Jakarta period 2012-2017 are scheduled to take place on October 7, Business opportunity to interview Joko Widodo in Lodji Gandrung, the official residence of the Mayor of Solo, a few days ago.

Men who assessed Successful Solo was presented with a straightforward policy plan and vision in leading Jakarta next 5 years, especially in relation to the business and investment climate and infrastructure development.

Serving time is the last part of the interview excerpts that the first part was published in Monday's edition (1/10):

Father often said Jakarta would start building from the narrow alleys. His philosophy of what?

It wants us back. Its first orientation is always the big ones, which in Brass, Thamrin, Sudirman [Jakarta's main street].

It would have us back, starting from the village. It was a real reversal, so it will be visible.

Which we take as the Bukit Duri, Cakung, milling, construction will be visible balance.

If you do not like it would be wrong and dangerous for a social system. Dangerous.

Could be a time of social unrest erupted, the gap if not eliminated.

And that I have to tell is the big investor. Make no mistake, I am not a big anti-big.

Not. I give chances, but who [would] contrived [the budget] would be used in the villages.

So Mr. principle 'no big antiusaha'?


Response them how?

Ooh ... they applauded. I told you privately later would I help the [ease] permits.

Now there are 1 year, 2 year, 3 year just finished. 1 week later I helped finish permission. Their applause.

So not right if someone said I am anti this anti that! [But] no way [for a private project] I take from the budget, infrastructure facilities I might not wake up.

Now let's see who in Casablanca. I do not want [something like that]. You are making [superblock] there, yes facility that makes your dong.

If there are obstacles in the parliament, how?

Not .. I will speak openly. If you do not agree with this policy, please deal with people.

Matter of principle, I do not want [private dictates]. [But] I will still provide opportunities.

There are some assumptions of the business that Mr anti-establishment. They do not like it?

I [told] will provide opportunities. [In fact], not anti, instead I want to jump.

Support from the private sector it is necessary. For example, the Port of Tanjung Priok, how many tens of years like that continue.

Singapore is out of the same, the first equal with us. China has also learned all of us. Uh, now they are far above us.

Why not, investors in the infrastructure, such as ports, please come in, I love the one-on-one.

If one wants to reclamation in northern Jakarta, build a giant sea wall, please. [But] do not disturb the environment?

If not, about what contributes to a minor.

Mr dont worry will be a lot of opponents?

Ooh, nope .. nope ... nope. I explained [the goal], businessman also pleased all.

I also explain the time in Ancol [Ancol more likely to create an open, no longer exclusive]. "I see Sir ... we agree. "

My way of thinking, now they understand. Because time is often mentioned pilgub many say I antiinvestor or antiswasta.

Lha many do not understand, I am a private person tuh. I explained, I've finished tuh exporter for 23 years. Recently they understand and think.

I thought the road, [they] also understand. If the cost-benefit of private speech, but if the government thinks is served.

The difference was. Service side put forward.

Regarding congestion, the solution is not the father never told me to move a vehicle, but the mobility of people moving? What does he mean?

MRT [Mass rapid transit], monorail, we'll be racing. MRT her, monorelnya will we wake up, it busway will we wake up. Should not you have done 5 years ago.

I believe that in 5 years it will look MRT or monorail. Big-big project of investors will look.

But what of the budget, I would [use to] go to the village, the village, the village. I will make a flat lined, free for residents.

The city will begin construction of village development. This [draft] Ali Sadikin new version, MHT, Muhammad Husni Thamrin new version. It [wants] Bung Karno.

But the problem in the budget that was spent on personnel expenditure. The administration's got 60,000 employees?

Just like here [Solo], will be direstruktur financial, budget restructuring, [change] orientation, we are all going to change.

Already there is a deposit-deposit?

Nothing entrusted to me, do not apply. If the proposal may, but does not specify. Say no papa proposal.

The proposal may be, but I'm sorry I can not be dictated to it.

If social problems, there is a crucial problem, student brawls?

It's been years. That's how many died. It later [resolved] field work.

Field operations. That back and forth I say, social intervention, yeah like that. That field work.

Including thuggery?

Yes, including that.

How about a modern market equilibrium policy and minimarket?

Samalah. Our orientation yes it was. To productive enterprises. I do not antibisnis this. [In Solo there is] how belaslah, hahaha ... it means I'm not anti.

If the moratorium is to be modified by the ratio of Pak Jokowi. You're up fancy, a medium, a little too. Equally there like that?

Iya. I'd say not anti, anti not a big-big. Not.

We want to wake up is the big as well really. Such as sea walls, it's big,'s Rp50 trillion. Incredible.

Already two periods of the governor, the program was not the way sir?

That's because no one dared to break. Decide and take risks. What is needed is the leader.

If the domain of the central government?

Yes talk dong. The area we're also part of the central government, so to speak dong.

If we do not take some okay, why be timid. I thank ndak aja kok, would diapain? People who are not afraid or hesitant tuh probably yes there is something.

Instruction, roads, instruction, road. Work tuh carefree feeling. See later, many are so. There will be a decision in a short time, working quickly.

Then the problem of slums in the river bank?

That's what I want to show you later. 's Kampong series.

Kampung series was sort rusunawa?

No, the only three floors. Kayak apartment, immediately granted. It's given yours. From local funds.

If rusunawa right, here you moved away from there, you lease, you pay each month, plus electricity, water added. Off the poor-poor.

Budget enough money to fix it?

I've counted, out Rp24 billion for 870 households. But it was built by the people, do not use contractors.

Efficient system. Who want to advertise, who want to come awake a lot. I'll pack my company image pairs, yes, please. Just stay pointed a finger.

But many doubt that Mr. Jakarta can not get up?

Just as in time Solo [in doubt]. Not remember?

In the calculation of the father, not least how long for Jakarta residents expressed optimism that Mr. afford?

Yes 1 year 2 years. If it starts all, optimistic expectations of the people [will grow] although it has not been completed. MRT will be completed in 8 years.

Oh ... bener within 2 years was 30% running. Monorail 4 years, was within 2 years, 60% had been completed, there is hope it will be.

No need to be so used, but there is hope, it seems progress.

Which do you think would be severe constraints what?

I think not. Perhaps social problems.

Not afraid of dealing with the mafia?

Yes comrades make it all alone. Do not look at the black and white, black and white, no.

Just how we want to utilize it for the good of the city, the good of the people and country.

For monorail was, what piles that have been built to be continued?

Anyway monorail remains. Items that will be used differently. That can be used, is used. Because the pole was still complicated.

If the overpass?

I am 100% I do not agree. Toll in the city was not right. 've Become possible now.

It facilitates anyone. From an aesthetic not right, also add congestion.

Provide facilities to the point the car towards the same goal. He's not that bad on the highway. Once out it was definitely stuck. Car lead to one point.

In South Korea there were torn down, in Japan, in China was up torn down because it adds to a standstill. There are trillions of money is used.

Doing it? If built monorail, made it.

For KRL DKI government may not help?

If KRL, the KAI was ready to buy. The less the amount. If you want plus the amount, try to imagine how many doorstop? 21 doorstop.

If every 2 minutes bolt the door shut, do not bother. Always been presented that should underpass not let any obstacles at all.

There are 21 places was approximately Rp440 billion, was my count. It will be completed. After that KAI plus carriage.

For monorail, the initial design?

Yes solid lines, solid business. Integrated with MRT, out into the dense business district. In accordance with the existing transport patterns. It was the blue print. Only items are changed

The model can fit more passanger?

Not. Small pole, on the road median, monorelnya only fit 20 people. Every 2 minutes out continues. So, train a lot. Cheap, half the price.

When compared with the MRT just a third. Maintenance is easy. Not ngotorin city.

Who became the benchmark which city?

Which then. Mosok we use [benchmark] long. Do not want you to know his city, which later came to know the people of his city. (Ra)

Original source is here
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