View Full Version : How To Identify Scam HYIP Website?

21st September 2017, 02:39 PM
Hello Guys...
Today I am active, to share some tips about how you differentiate between paying HYIPs and a scam HYIPs. If you really follow below given tips before investing with any HYIP site, then I am sure that you will never become a victim of fake HYIP websites.

Check the lifespan of the company and how long the HYIP monitoring website has monitoring that particular HYIP company.

HYIP websites should list a number of security features to give an impression of law-fullness. These features include certificates issued by genuine companies giving reassurance to the user that the site is a Virus-free, Malware-free, Bank-Level Security present, Registered Company, etc. These features are usually listed in the bottom section of the Homepage.

Visit multiple HYIP Monitors and check if that particular HYIP is listed. If yes, then check the comment section for User Comments. Don’t go by comments or proofs provided by the Site Admin.

Do a general Google search of the Address provided on the Contact Us page of the HYIP website. Scammers assemble an address that does not exist When the support team is not responding to your queries or the site is slow and feature is not functioning, note that the site will soon turn scam.

It must pay daily or at least weekly and not necessarily to your e-gold account. Do not invest in those, that pay monthly or half yearly. They could have vanished by that time.

Also the HYIP Script is one the major factor indeterminate the quality of HYIP website.By analyzing the design, layout and functioning of the website you will easily recognize, by which kind of script, the website is made up of and what is the response rate of site.