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Old 20th October 2014, 04:44 PM   #1
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Default Airbus A380 Ke CGK Bandara International Soekarno Hatta

Airbus A380 Ke CGK Bandara International Soekarno Hatta ?

Kapan Ya?

Ke Kuala Lumpur Sudah Ada

Lufthansa A380 begins scheduled operations at Changi Airport
Oct 31, 2011 19:10 SGT

SINGAPORE, 31 October 2011 – Singapore Changi Airport today welcomes the commencement of Lufthansa’s A380 operations from Singapore to Frankfurt, the newest addition to Changi’s growing list of A380-connected destinations. With a total of 188 weekly A380 flights to nine major cities – Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo and Zurich – Changi Airport is the world’s busiest multi-carrier A380 hub.

Lufthansa[1] will operate the A380 aircraft on an existing Singapore-Frankfurt service. The daily flight departs Changi Airport at 2355 hours and arrives in Frankfurt at 0555 hours the following day. The return flight leaves Frankfurt at 2205 hours and arrives in Singapore at 1655 hours the next day. Lufthansa will operate the A380 at Changi Airport’s Terminal 2.

Mr Yam Kum Weng, Changi Airport Group’s Executive Vice President, Air Hub Development, said, “We are extremely pleased to welcome Lufthansa’s A380 operations to Changi Airport. Just like Lufthansa’s launch of Changi’s inaugural service to Munich in 2008, this is another important milestone for us. The additional capacity that the new A380 service brings to the Singapore-Germany route will not only meet the strong travel demand but also help to stimulate traffic between the two markets.”

For the 12 months ended August 2011, 348,000 passengers travelled between Singapore and Germany, an increase of 18.3% over the previous corresponding period. At the same time, there were 2.37 million passengers who travelled between Singapore and Europe, a growth of 12.1%.

Eight airlines currently operate 340 weekly flights and 56,700 weekly one-way seats between Singapore and Europe. Lufthansa’s A380 will increase the capacity between Singapore and Germany by an additional 1,400 weekly one-way seats. This will be increased further when Singapore Airlines begins A380 operations on the Singapore-Frankfurt-New York route from 15 January 2012.

World’s first airport to handle the A380

Changi Airport was the first in the world to handle the superjumbo when Singapore Airlines commenced A380 operations with an inaugural flight to Sydney on 25 October 2007. Since then, more than 20,000 A380 flights have taken off or landed at Changi Airport.

To handle the world’s largest passenger aircraft, Changi Airport underwent several airport and airfield modifications including lengthening of baggage claim belts to provide longer frontage for the presentation of bags, widening of runway shoulders to protect the A380’s engines as well as the installation of a third aerobridge arm at each of 19 A380-compatible gates. The third arm enables passengers to have direct access to the upper deck of the double-decker aircraft and shortens boarding time for passengers.

Changi Airport-Lufthansa A380 competition

To celebrate Lufthansa’s inaugural A380 service to Singapore, Changi Airport Group and Lufthansa organised a photo competition on Facebook to select ten finalists who competed in a scavenger hunt held at Changi Airport last Saturday. Together with a partner, the ten finalists competed in a series of challenges which tested their knowledge of Changi Airport, Lufthansa and Germany.

The winners of the competition have each won a return Business Class ticket to their dream European destination. They will travel to the destination via Frankfurt and will experience Lufthansa’s A380 service on-route.

[1] Besides Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and Qantas also operate A380 services from Changi Airport Terminals 3 and 1 respectively.

Ke Manila Sudah Ada

Mudah-mudahan Segera ke Jakarta ...

A380 routes

(Day of maiden flight in brackets)
From 2014

Emirates: Dubai-Zürich (January 1st 2014)
From 2013

British Airways: London-Hong Kong (November 15th 2013)
British Airways: London-Los Angeles (Oktober 15th 2013)
Lufthansa: Frankfurt-Shanghai (September 26th 2013)
Korean Air: Seoul-Atlanta (September 1st 2013)
Malaysia Airlines: Kuala Lumpur-Hong Kong (May 1st 2013)
Qantas: Melbourne/Sydney-Dubai (March 31st 2013)
Malaysia Airlines: Kuala Lumpur-Paris (March 1st 2013)
Thai Airways: Bangkok-Paris (February 16th 2013)
Thai Airways: Bangkok-Tokyo (January 16th 2013)
From 2012

Thai Airways: Bangkok-Frankfurt (December 15th 2012)
Emirates: Dubai-Moscow (December 1st 2012)
Emirates: Dubai-Singapore (December 1st 2012)
Thai Airways: Bangkok-Singapore (October 28th 2012)
Thai Airways: Bangkok-Hong Kong (October 28th 2012)
Emirates: Dubai-Melbourne (October 1st 2012)
Malaysia Airlines: Kuala Lumpur-Sydney (September 25th 2012)
Lufthansa: Frankfurt-Houston (August 1st 2012)
Emirates: Dubai-Amsterdam (August 1st 2012)
Malaysia Airlines: Kuala Lumpur-London (July 1st 2012)
Emirates: Dubai-Tokyo (July 1st 2012)
Air France: Paris-Los Angeles (May 28th 2012)
Air France: Paris-Singapore (April 1st 2012)
Korean Air: Seoul-Frankfurt (March 25th 2012)
Qantas: Sydney-Hong Kong (January 15th 2012)
Singapore Airlines: Singapore-Frankfurt (January 15th 2012)
Singapore Airlines: Frankfurt-New York (January 15th 2012)
China Southern Airlines: Beijing-Shanghai (January 1st 2012)
Emirates: Dubai-Kuala Lumpur (January 1st 2012)
From 2011

Air France: Paris-Dubai (December 5th 2011)
Emirates: Dubai-Rome (December 1st 2011)
Emirates: Dubai-Munich (November 25th 2011)
Lufthansa: Frankfurt-Singapore (October 30th 2011)
China Southern Airlines: Beijing-Guangzhou (October 17th 2011)
Korean Air: Seoul-Los Angeles (October 11th 2011)
Emirates: Dubai-Johannesburg (October 1st 2011)
Korean Air: Seoul-Paris (September 26th 2011)
Korean Air: Seoul-New York (August 9th 2011)
Korean Air: Seoul-Bangkok (July 20th 2011)
Singapore Airlines: Singapore-Tokyo-Los Angeles (July 1st 2011)
Lufthansa: Frankfurt-Miami (June 10th 2011)
Air France: Paris-Washington (June 6th 2011)
Korean Air: Seoul-Hong Kong (June 17th 2011)
Korean Air: Seoul-Tokyo (June 17th 2011)
Lufthansa: Frankfurt-San Francisco (May 10th 2011)
Air France: Paris-Montreal (May 9th 2011)
Emirates: Dubai-Shanghai (27. April 2011)
Lufthansa: Frankfurt-New York (February 18th 2011)
From 2010

Emirates: Dubai-Bangkok-Hong Kong (October 1st 2010)
Lufthansa: Frankfurt-Johannesburg (September 12th 2010)
Air France: Paris-Tokyo (September 1st 2010)
Emirates: Dubai-Manchester (September 1st 2010)
Lufthansa: Frankfurt-Beijing (August 25th 2010)
Emirates: Dubai-Beijing (August 1st 2010)
Lufthansa: Frankfurt-Tokyo (June 11th 2010)
Singapore Airlines: Singapore-Zürich (March 28th 2010)
Air France: Paris-Johannesburg (February 17th 2010)
Emirates: Dubai-Dschidda (Jeddah) (February 1st 2010)
Qantas: Melbourne-Singapore-London (January 18th 2010)
From 2009

Emirates: Dubai-Paris (December 29th 2009)
Emirates: Dubai-Seoul (December 14th 2009)
Air France: Paris-New York (November 23rd 2009)
Singapore Airlines: Singapore-Melbourne (September 29th 2009)
Emirates: Dubai-Birmingham (Special flight, September 9th 2009)
Singapore Airlines: Singapore-Hong Kong (July 9th 2009)
Emirates: Dubai-Bangkok (June 1st 2009)
Emirates: Dubai-Toronto (June 1st 2009)
Singapore Airlines: Singapore-Paris (June 1st 2009)
Emirates: Dubai-Sydney-Auckland (February 2nd 2009)
Qantas: Sydney-Singapore-London (January 16th 2009)
From 2008

Emirates: Dubai-London (December 1st 2008)
Qantas: Sydney-Los Angeles (October 24th 2008)
Qantas: Melbourne-Los Angeles (October 20th 2008)
Emirates: Dubai-New York (August 1st 2008; again from October 31st 2010)
Singapore Airlines: Singapore-Tokyo (May 20th 2008)
Singapore Airlines: Singapore-London (March 18th 2008)
Ab 2007

Singapore Airlines: Singapore-Sydney (October 25th 2007)
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Default Re: Airbus A380 Ke CGK Bandara International Soekarno Hatta

Ke Bangkok Sudah Ada

Book Emirates A380 flights to Bangkok and experience unmatched luxury in the air, including a spacious onboard Lounge in Business Class and our First Class Shower Spas.

Nice landing at NAIA for first Filipino captain of Emirates A380

by Kris Bayos
October 9, 2014 (updated)

The first Filipino pilot who steered the first Airbus A380 commercial flight from Dubai to Manila had a sentimental journey as he landed the plane nice and smooth at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Tuesday night.

Desiderio (Jim Guiao Punzalan)

Captain Frank Desiderio who has roots in Meycauayan, Bulacan, is based in Dubai for almost a decade now. He last piloted a Manila-bound plane in 2006.

On his maiden trip as pilot of Emirates Flight A380, Desiderio urged aviation authorities to study how the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) can regularly accommodate huge aircrafts on its runway.

While NAIA’s runway is long and wide enough to accommodate an A380, the airport limits aircraft movement, Desiderio noticed.

“The runway technically is long and wide enough. But when we were approaching for landing, they cannot let bigger airplanes taxi with us on the runway or vice versa. They cannot allow an A380 aircraft on the runway and a big airplane on the taxiway,” Desiderio said in an interview at NAIA Terminal 3.

A taxiway is a path on an airport connecting runways with ramps, hangars, terminals and other facilities.

“I think that if they make further study, an A380 can easily make a safe landing or takeoff while an A320 is on the taxiway. If they squeeze it , it can work,” the 41-year-old pilot said.

Nevertheless, Desiderio claimed that the A380’s approach to NAIA was “great” and the landing was “nice.” The Emirates Airbus A380 made its maiden flight to Manila past 10 p.m. last Tuesday to mark the airline’s move to NAIA Terminal 3 from Terminal 1.

Emirates began flights between Dubai and Manila in 1990. The airline company currently deploys thrice daily flights from Manila and Dubai due to “consistently strong” passenger and cargo demand.

“Tonight we proved that we can operate an A380 aircraft in and out of Manila. My only suggestion is (for airport officials) to give more time to study the A380 operations, the limitations and the combination of A380 with other traffic,” Desiderio noted.


Raised in Meycauayan, Bulacan, Desiderio said he felt excited flying a plane back to Manila.

“I wasn’t able to fly a plane to Manila since 2006. Tonight’s flight was really special, because for so long I haven’t approached Manila as a pilot,” said Desiderio who worked as a flight instructor before a nine-year stint with Philippine Airlines (PAL) and eventually transferring to Emirates.

“Napakasaya ng feeling. When we were approaching Manila, I told my co-pilot, this is my hometown. We flew north of Manila and we flew somewhere close to my hometown in Bulacan and I felt so happy. I am the first Filipino A380 captain commanding the first A380 commercial flight to Manila and I’m flying over head my hometown. Napakasaya ng feeling,” Desiderio beamed with pride.

Desiderio, who started flying alone at the age of 16, said moving to a global airline is both a career and family move for him.

“There were many reasons and factors, one of which is bringing my wife and two kids somewhere nicer. I was dreaming of putting my kids in international schools that is why it was also a family move. I moved them to Dubai and we have been living there for the past 9 years,” he added.

Desiderio likewise confirmed that the compensation of pilots under global airlines is “quite different and more than double” than what he was getting as a pilot when he resigned from PAL.

In the nine years and four months that he has been with Emirates, Desiderio has commanded A380 flights.

He encouraged young Filipino pilots to pursue their dreams whether flying for local or global airlines.

“The Philippines is a good place to start. If you can jump start your career as a pilot here, it’s quite good as well. For young pilots to get that confidence, they have to take time in studying and go into training. A strong foundation counts,” he volunteers.


Aside from Desiderio, there are eight other Filipino pilots working for Emirates, two of whom are undergoing training to command A380 aircrafts. Desiderio said this proves that Filipino pilots can be flexible and globally competitive.

“Filipinos are globally competitive. I know many Filipino pilots who are already working abroad just like me and they are quite excellent pilots. All of us came from the Philippines. We came mostly from the same aviation school and we trained together,” he said.
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Default Pinoy piloted A380 to Manila

Pinoy piloted A380 to Manila

President Aquino chats with Capt. Franklyn Desiderio, the first Filipino certified to fly the Airbus A380, following the arrival of Emirates Flight 334 at the NAIA 3 last Tuesday night. Also in photo are Emirates executives.

MANILA, Philippines - A Filipino piloted the world’s largest passenger airplane that made its first landing at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Tuesday night.

Carrying 517 passengers, Emirates Airlines Airbus A380 Flight EK334 arrived at the NAIA at 10:15 p.m. Tuesday.

The pilot of the huge aircraft is Capt. Franklin Mallari Desiderio, who has been with Emirates for the last five years. Prior to that, he was a Philippine Airlines pilot. He started flying at 16 and has been flying for the last 18 years.

“I can’t describe how happy I am now,” Desiderio said about piloting the Emirates Airbus A380, which he described as a “flying gentle giant.”

Emirates Airbus A380 has a design range of 15,700 kilometers, sufficient to fly nonstop from Dubai to Los Angeles. It has a speed of Mach 0.85 or about 900 km/h, 560 mph at cruising altitude.

“They put all those good stuff together in this aircraft. It is so easy to maneuver and so roomy and comfortable, we flew from Dubai to Los Angeles for 16 and a half hours, and still felt good at the end of our flight,” Desiderio added.
Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

President Aquino, Transportation Secretary Emilio Joseph Abaya, Manila International Airport Authority general manager Jose Angel Honrado and officials of Emirates Airlines witnessed the arrival of the A380 from the view deck of boarding gate 115.

They then proceeded to the immigration area to meet arriving passengers and to observe how immigration officers process the documents of the passengers.

Prior to the arrival of the huge airplane, immigration officials at the NAIA Terminal 3 were worried because only one passport-reading machine was available to process the passports of more than 500 incoming passengers, and President Aquino would be around to see it.

Before Tuesday noon, 20 passport-reading machines were installed in preparation for the arrival of Emirates Airbus A380. Immigration officials said suppliers suddenly brought the machines.
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