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Default How to write a social studies essay

The essay is an important part of the social studies exam, allowing you to earn as many as six primary points. The task of the pupil is to choose one of five statements (on philosophy, economics, sociology, political science or law), to reveal the problem raised using arguments. To get the maximum score it is necessary not only to learn the theoretical foundations of the subject, but also to be well-read and aware of events happening in the world. In addition, the ability to express your thoughts is important.
Disclosure of the problem
The first paragraph of the essay is the disclosure of the idea of the statement. You need to understand what problem the author has raised, explain what it consists in. To make it easier for you, put yourself in the place of the thinker. Imagine that the statement belongs to you. Why did you have such an idea? From what considerations? What is your motivation? To get the maximum score for the section, you need to formulate a thesis statement.

The opening paragraph consists of 3-5 sentences. When writing it is recommended to use social science terms, give their definitions. In the case of sociology, the examiners will look for the concepts of "socialization", "society", "personality", "needs", “all assignment help reviews”. If the choice fell on the economic sphere, it is necessary to use the terms "market", "competition", "demand", "supply". Let's analyze the paragraph on the example of V.M. Sukhomlinsky's statement - "The family is the primary environment where a person must learn to do good" (it refers to sociology):

"The problem raised by the author - the role of the family in the formation of personality. It has always been relevant and continues to be important today. The idea of the statement is that the family is an agent of primary socialization, it affects what kind of child will become in the future. Interests, values, worldview are formed under the influence of the family."
Formulating a problem on a social studies essay
Theoretical Argumentation
After making a thesis statement, you need to justify it. The second and third paragraphs of the social studies essay from the USE are devoted to the proof. First, the opinion needs to be argued theoretically. Use definitions of terms, as well as various rules, laws, and functions. In addition, it is allowed to quote social scientists. The main thing is to attract theoretical material and prove that it relates to the problem raised. Let's examine on the already known example:

"The social studies course says that the family is a social system. It is based on marriage or kinship, and its members are bound by household and mutual moral responsibility. The family performs many functions. The main ones are reproductive (the family provides reproduction of the population), economic (family members have a common household), psychological (a person gets care and support among close people). Sukhomlinsky's statement concerns the spiritual, moral and educational spheres. Basic values are formed in the family: parents explain norms, teach goodness, tell how to behave properly. Thanks to the elders, the child receives primary socialization, learns to interact with other people."

You need to prove your point with an example. Use the following sources:

• Public life, real events from the media;
• Situation models ("Citizen N. decided to open his own cosmetics store. He has saved up some start-up capital, but has not made a detailed business plan. As a result...");
• personal experience: situations from his own life and the lives of his relatives;
• books, movies;
any historical events (including cultural and scientific history).
When writing an essay, 2 or more illustrations should be used. Their sources must be different: for example, one is taken from personal experience and the other from the media. It is recommended to put each example in a separate paragraph: this will help to form a logical structure, making it easier to check. In addition, at the beginning of the paragraph be sure to specify the thesis (more narrowly focused than the main one), which you will prove.
The conclusion is the logical conclusion of the essay. You need to briefly summarize your reasoning. Think about the role of the problem in today's world, talk about its relevance, explain what will happen if it is ignored. One of the options for completion is a call to action for the reader ("Don't forget to help those who find themselves in a difficult situation, because good deeds are sure to be rewarded").

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Default Re: How to write a social studies essay

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Default Re: How to write a social studies essay

When it comes to social studies exam, every student will have to suffer from essays. We can't bypass the academic essays. but one thing we can do and that is to use Coursework Writing Services online.
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Default Re: How to write a social studies essay

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